Stop Ignoring the Communities Helping Migrants at the Southern Border

Trump and Biden Ignoring Humane Needs, Choosing Political Theater Instead

(San Antonio, Texas)—The double-feature of political theater coming to the southern border on Thursday starring President Biden and former President Trump means the stereotypical backdrop of law enforcement and razor-wire will be on full display, once again ignoring the humanitarian issues that border groups and communities are taking care of on a daily basis.

“Where are the visits to the groups providing necessities like food and shelter, and language needs to help migrants figure out the confusing immigration system?” said Senior Texas Strategist Carolina Canizales with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. “Where is the commitment to providing resources to border communities whose once-peaceful towns and cities have been turned into the movie set backdrops for the political theater? This is what politicians visiting the border need and must do.”

“It’s also striking that both Biden and Trump have ignored many reports crediting the booming U.S. economy to a surge in immigration,” Canizales added. “The ILRC doubts any mention of this positive news will be featured in Trump or Biden’s dialogue at the border.”

“It’s time for politicians coming to the border to offer humane and compassionate solutions, commit resources that will bring clean water and air, better infrastructure and an affordable electrical grid to southern border communities,” Canizales said. “We are sick of the political theater reruns.”


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