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Over 300,000 people currently benefit from Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and many have been protected by it for nearly 20 years. However, the current administration is terminating the program for certain countries and is reviewing the designation of several others. This practice advisory describes what TPS recipients and their advocates can do now to understand their legal options. It will...
What is 287(g)? 287(g) is a program for allowing state and local agencies to act as immigration enforcement agents. Under 287(g), ICE forms an agreement with a state or local agency - most often a county sheriff that runs a local jail - and this agreement delegates specific immigration enforcement authority to designated officers within the local agency. These agreements are also known as “287(g...
Resources to understand Dimaya v. Sessions , a decision by the Supreme Court to invalidate part of the immigration law on constitutional grounds. Issue Brief: The Implications of Dimaya v. Sessions : This one page resource created by the ILRC and our partners helps clarify the meaning and implications of the Supreme Court Dimaya decision. Talking Points in Response to White House Statements on...
Recent government announcements and court cases on DACA have created confusion around who can apply, when they can apply, and how they can apply for DACA. To mitigate this confusion, here is an informational FAQ for your reference. Please note that DACA lawsuits are still pending in the courts, and information is changing. Although in April 2018 a federal judge opened the possibility of USCIS...
Statement for the Record by the ACLU, IDP, IJN, ILRC, NIJC and NIP on the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Border Security and Immigration for the May 23, 2018 Hearing Titled "TVPRA and Exploited Loopholes Affecting Unaccompanied Alien Children": In this statement for the record, the ILRC, along with our partners discuss the dehumanizing and cruel responses by the Trump Administration...
Vote No on Heller 1954 Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act: Policy statement in opposition to the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act, which if passed would lead to unchecked racial profiling and other unconstitutional police practices. Vote No on Secure & Succeed Act: Policy statement in opposition to the Secure and Succeed Act, which fails to offer a real solution for DACA recipients...
This infographic shows options for how a TPS holder may be able to get a green card through a U.S. citizen family member.
Schools across the country are working to protect their students and students’ families from immigration enforcement activities on campus. However, the school to prison to deportation pipeline is often overlooked in efforts to keep students safe. This resource explains how an incident at school can result in a youth facing deportation, and encourages schools to review their disciplinary polices...


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