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Immigrant Youth
New for 2024: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) may still be in a holding pattern due to ongoing lawsuits in federal court, but the program remains active for those seeking to renew their employment authorization. This brief explainer details the 5 key things to be aware of if you are a DACA recipient.
The U.S. immigration system treats children and young people differently than adults. It is important to understand how your age may impact your options for seeking relief or protection against deportation. This Community Explainer highlights how age impacts eligibility for certain forms of immigration relief, how immigrant youth can help themselves and their family members, and how to learn more.
This updated guidance, written with our partners Immigrant Legal Defense (ILD), International Rescue Committee (IRC), and Legal Services for Children (LSC), includes recommendations for what information to include in state court predicate orders for special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS) in California. It incorporates guidance from the 2022 SIJS regulations as well as the USCIS Policy Manual, and includes helpful citations to California law. It also includes sample predicate orders from family, probate, dependency, and delinquency courts.
This resource - created in partnership with the End SIJS Backlog Coalition, CILA, and NIPNLG - addresses common questions and myths about the visa bulletin, how to talk to clients about the SIJS backlog, and how both advocates and directly impacted young people can get involved in the Coalition’s work to end the backlog and its harms.
On November 7, 2023, the ILRC submitted this comment on USCIS’s proposed changes to Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. The comment provides detailed suggestions for alterations to the proposed form as well as suggested language the agency should include. ILRC urged the agency to revise the form to reduce barriers to permanent residence for applicants and adjudicators and to focus on ensuring that the form is accessible for pro se applicants.

CSPA: Understanding the Child Status Protection Act

Immigrant Youth

We will review how the CSPA protects certain family-based beneficiaries of immigrant visa petitions and how to calculate the CSPA age. We will also review when the Visa Bulletin is involved, and when and how visa regression affects the CSPA age...

Introduction to Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)

Immigrant Youth

This webinar will provide an introduction to special immigrant juvenile status (SIJS) - a unique path to immigration status for young people under the age of 21. We will provide an overview of the legal requirements and process of seeking SIJS and...