Trump’s Racist Blueprint for This Country Must Be Rejected by Congress

Marie McIntosh, ILRC

For Immediate Release: February 5, 2019

Contact: Marie McIntosh,

Trump’s Racist Blueprint for This Country Must Be Rejected by Congress, Says Immigrant Legal Resource Center

In response to this evening’s State of the Union address delivered by President Trump, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center released this statement:

“Congress has already invested billions of dollars into militarizing our country at the border,” said Sameera Hafiz, policy director at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. “This massive investment in our unaccountable immigration enforcement agency has resulted in one of the worst humanitarian crises under this administration. Those who seek safety in our country are further traumatized by inhumane detention policies, and parents who search for a better future for their children are instead separated and may never recover from the damage done by ICE. Members of Congress need to increase oversight and accountability--not waste taxpayer money on the wall or more poorly trained and heavily armed enforcement agents. This speech does not address the current state of our union, but the danger of accepting Trump’s racist, divisive, and dehumanizing blueprint for this country.”


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