Danielle Smith

Danielle Smith (she/her), a Cleveland native with a passion for social justice, landed in the Bay Area in 2014. Since graduating from The University of San Francisco with a degree in Performing Arts & Social Justice, she's channeled her passion into supporting various non-profit organizations, particularly those focused on food justice and arts education. Her expertise lies in administrative roles, where she has honed her skills in communications, marketing, and event planning.

Criminal Convictions can have serious consequences on peoples’ lives – especially non-citizens who wish to stay in the United States. Many immigration benefits have criminal bars, meaning that certain convictions will prevent you from getting a lawful immigration status, like permanent residence (green card). This Community Explainer offers some options for those who have had certain convictions related to domestic violence or human trafficking, with insights about how to define these crimes, some example scenarios, and explanations about the benefits of a legal tool called a “vacatur.”
ILRC submitted this comment on the many proposed changes to U Visa Forms I-918, I-918A, and I-918B. ILRC commended the agency for many changes, including shortening Forms I-918 and I-918A and removing many questions about rare grounds of inadmissibility. ILRC also provided suggestions for how the agency could further streamline Forms I-918 and I-918A, and raised concerns about the expansion of Form I-918B.

Aruna Sury

Aruna Sury is a Senior Staff Attorney with the ILRC’s San Francisco office. Her work focuses on removal defense, administrative and federal appeals, and immigration consequences of crimes. Through the ILRC’s Attorney of the Day program, Aruna provides legal guidance to criminal defense and immigration counsel. She regularly contributes to ILRC publications by authoring and updating content that enables practitioners to provide high quality representation to their clients. Aruna also presents ILRC trainings and CLE courses on a variety of topics.

This slide deck was created by a coalition of organizers, activists, and attorneys in Texas to be publicly available for use as a resource when conducting know-your-rights presentations on Texas SB 4/ HB 4.

Community leaders, organizers, and activists are welcome to use this full slide deck as provided, or select the slides that are applicable to your presentation needs.