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Policy Advocacy
On Feb. 20, 2024, the ILRC sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland urging the release of regulations in 2024. The purpose of the letter is to encourage the Biden Administration to publish regulations regardless of the political concerns of the upcoming election year. The ILRC focused on the release of some proposed regulations that have been scheduled for publication, and also urged the administration to rescind and replace asylum regulations leftover from the previous administration, and also to refrain from publishing additional regulations that restrict asylum at the southern border.
Recently, USCIS has conflated guidance for naturalization disability waivers of English and civics with waivers of the oath requirement for persons with disabilities. The confusion stems from USCIS’s addition of a question on oath waivers on the N-648 disability waiver form. These are separate waivers with distinct purposes, legislative histories, and administrative guidance.

This practice advisory will describe the enactment of the oath waiver and current USCIS guidance as well as describe the ways that it is distinct from a waiver of the English/civics requirement.
Texas-based organizations comprised of, representing, and serving individuals and communities directly impacted by border enforcement measures write to Texas Members of Congress to seek solidarity and to implore not to worsen the crisis by layering over sweeping new federal border and asylum restrictions. The organizational letter highlights how these changes would have disastrous consequences not only for migrants but for Texas communities, who are presently living under the oppressive and unconstitutional Operation Lone Star.
ILRC submitted this comment on the many proposed changes to U Visa Forms I-918, I-918A, and I-918B. ILRC commended the agency for many changes, including shortening Forms I-918 and I-918A and removing many questions about rare grounds of inadmissibility. ILRC also provided suggestions for how the agency could further streamline Forms I-918 and I-918A, and raised concerns about the expansion of Form I-918B.
This slide deck was created by a coalition of organizers, activists, and attorneys in Texas to be publicly available for use as a resource when conducting know-your-rights presentations on Texas SB 4/ HB 4.

Community leaders, organizers, and activists are welcome to use this full slide deck as provided, or select the slides that are applicable to your presentation needs.
This is ILRC’s comment on the proposed EOIR rule (the rescission of what we referred to as Trump’s “Death to Due Process Rule”). The Trump rule attempted to change case briefing schedules, case timelines, judges’ control over cases, etc. – all in ways that would make it even harder for folks in immigration court to obtain immigration relief. ILRC has engaged in substantial advocacy to get rid of this rule, including being a plaintiff in the case challenging this Trump rule

Understanding FOIA with DHS

Policy Advocacy

ILRC attorneys will describe how to file requests through the Freedom of Information Act process at USCIS, both online and with a G-639. The speakers will describe recent changes to FOIA processes and policies at all DHS components including CBP...