FAQs & Explainers

As teachers are the individuals interacting with students and their families on a daily basis, the following resources may be useful to educators as they work with students, parents, and community members. This packet can help disseminate material learned in trainings to make sure useful resources are in the hands of those who are best able to share this information.
This introductory guide to representing clients in bond hearings is divided into two sections. The first covers basic bond topics that advocates are likely to encounter when representing any client in a bond hearing. Section two includes a review of more advanced bond topics, including how to challenge mandatory and prolonged detention.
Sobre la base de una reciente decisión del Noveno Circuito o viajando por Advance Parole, una persona que entró inicialmente sin inspección en los EEUU puede ajustar de estatus y solicitar la residencia permanente. Este aviso en español contiene información para personas con el estatus de protección temporal y para personas que viajaron con Advance Parole sobre cómo pueden ser elegibles para este proceso.
This guide provides California employers with guidance in the event of ICE workplace enforcement including a brief introduction to immigration enforcement, a review of rights and best practices if ICE comes to the workplace for both employers and employees, and a list of additional resources.
President Trump issued an Executive Order on immigration enforcement in January 2017.  The Order included sections ordering that sanctuary cities would not be eligible to receive federal funding.  This fact sheet breaks down the key issues raised by the Executive Order, examining the possible meanings of the order, and the legal limitations on what the President can do.