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Gonzalez v. ICE is an important class action lawsuit raising fundamental questions about ICE enforcement practices, in particular the use of federal databases to target people for immigration detainers and arrests. This advisory explains the latest developments in the federal courts and how advocates can use these legal theories to defend their clients and communities.
It is unlikely U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will carry out immigration enforcement operations at an early childhood education center, childcare facility, or First 5 site. Nonetheless, it is important for facilities to have policies that address the concerns of the parents, families, and communities they serve. Accordingly, the ILRC put together model policies for early childhood...
This community resource explains Freedom City Policies in Austin, Texas, an example of organizers, advocates and community members coming together to fight for the decriminalization of immigrants and communities of color. It gives an overview of the policies, why they were enacted, their impact on the community, individuals’ rights under the policies and actions that may be taken if police...
It is time that we pass laws to build communities that are healthy and thriving, instead of ones torn apart by criminalization, biased policing, incarceration, and deportation. To secure the full human rights of all members of our communities, we need a new way forward for immigrant justice— one that ends senseless divisions of “good versus bad” immigrants and recognizes that all communities...
This community resource provides a brief explanation of the Immigration Court experience. It gives an overview of what happens in Immigration Court, how to confirm information about a case in Immigration Court, and what a person in removal proceedings should do if they do not have an attorney to represent them at an upcoming hearing. This information is useful for community members and advocates...


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