As a Federal Court Heard Arguments on the Program, the Biden Administration Can and Must Continue Making DACA Available

(San Francisco, CA)—The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) is demanding that the Biden administration use its authority to protect the DACA policy, expand it beyond its current parameters and come up with creative solutions now to give relief to all immigrant youth. The administration cannot wait until the 5thCircuit Court of Appeals hands down its decision on a case heard today vigorously contesting a Texas federal judge’s declaration last year that DACA is unlawful. 

“That decision was delivered by an anti-immigrant judge vindicating a lawsuit filed by a group of states led by anti-immigrant attorney generals and officials,” said ILRC Staff Attorney Veronica Garcia.  

DACA was won through the leadership and organizing of undocumented youth who fought for, and continue to fight for, dignity and inclusion. DACA has provided stability to more than 830,000 individuals and continues to benefit over 611,000 people today. 

“However, the program remains a temporary and limited solution that has come under constant attack while Congress has remained mired in inaction,” Garcia said. “The ILRC is calling on the Biden administration to process DACA renewal applications, shorten processing times, and stop the detention and deportation of individuals, including DACA recipients and their families.” 

“The contributions of DACA recipients are often cited by government officials and candidates in trying to portray themselves as pro-immigrant,” Garcia said. “We urge officials and candidates to go beyond canned statements and put those words into action to come together and work with us and our partners to find a permanent and inclusive solution.” 

The ILRC has these resources to help DACA recipients with questions. For immigrant college students in California, here is a helpful resource regarding the #FindYourAlly campaign. 


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